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    DP55KG driver issue


      Hi, I have used vista 64x at the beg of thre buld and then just found out that my board and ext. were going tho be syupported by windows 7 64x. So I swiched and every thing is fine except that i can not get my network controller to except the w764 bit driver. Any help?

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          I upgraded to Win 7 today and I am now experiencing the same issue. I cannot locate any solution to the problem. It also occurs with Windows 7 beta.

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            I am having the same problem.  I was running Vista Home Premium x64 with the provided LAN port driver that came on the disc with the DP55KG.  I upgraded to Win 7 x64 Home Premium this morning and the LAN port was not working.  There was no longer a driver installed for the port.  I DL'd the recommended PROWIN7X64.exe driver and it failed to install...the failure error was that the driver was not compatible with the Win 7 version (x64).  Attempting to reinstall the original driver yields the error that the driver will not install because a previous version is currently installed...suggestion was to uninstall and retry.  Uninstallation of the Driver software fails because it too is incompatible with Win 7 x64.  I cannot believe Intel is unaware of this issue.

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              Yes, I had the same eror. Did you call intel?

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                Hi RJ44319


                Intel has released new network card drivers on the web page, have you try to install them?




                Also you might need to upgrade BIOS as there is a couple of fixes about the network card.




                P/S I have this motherboard with the latest drivers and BIOS and works perfectly fine.







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                  That was a slightly newer BIOS.  It did not help.  The driver will not install. The old driver "program" will not uninstall from the "Programs" list and does not load as a driver for the LAN port...so there is no driver on the LAN port.  And then new driver will not install; in both cases the error message says they are for the wrong version of Windows, and to contact Intel for the correct version.  Did you install Win7x64 as a new install or as an upgrade to Vista64, Span?  Thanks for responding.

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                    I haven't contacted Intel yet, but it seems that will be necessary.  Have you contacted them?

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                      Hi RRK


                      Try to uninstall and install the drivers on safe mode. Might be UAC playing up.


                      What order did you follow to install the drivers? For Example... 1 Chipset 2 Audio 3 Video 4th LAN....





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                        Hey everyone,



                        I don't know if this will help, but it's worth a shot. I just built a new rig for a friend using the DP55KG motherboard and Windows 7 x64. After installing Win 7 successfully, we simply unplugged the Ethernet cable from his old computer and plugged into the new computer. We could not get Win to see the Internet at all (on a Cox broadband connection). Win's own troubleshooting just acted as if there was no Ethernet cable, but didn't point to anything specific. Changing ethernet cables did nothing.



                        His old computer was fired up for support purposes, and we simply unplugged the Ethernet cable from the new computer and plugged it back into the old computer (he has no router or anything fancy...just a hard connection to his cable modem). His old computer was able to re-connect to the Internet. This at least verified that the cable was good and that the modem was still working, etc.



                        Next, we used the old computer to download the 14.6 LAN drivers, installed it on to the new computer. No change. This was baffling. So we kept re-plugging the modem between the old and new computers as used the old computer to search for a solution, then would try it out on the new computer.



                        Eventually, I ran into a Cox support document that recommended a "hard reset" of the modem by disconnecting the incoming coax cable AND the power cord from the back of the modem, to sever it completely from the network. They recommended keeping it disconnected for about a minute to ensure a hard reset would occur when we reconnected the cable and the power.



                        We waited a minute, reconnected the cable and power, the modem spun its wheels for a few moments resetting...and Win 7 suddenly saw the network and Internet...all was good from that point on.



                        Note: For some reason, it seems the modem needs a hard reset when connecting to a different computer. After the hard reset and plugging into the new machine, everything was good. But replugging into the old machine left it not being able to hook up to the Internet. I'm sure another hard reset of the modem would have fixed this, but there was no point since the new machine was off and running.



                        Hope this experience helps.

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                          Thanks so much for taking the time to contribute your experiences.  I am familiar with what happened to you.  That is not the case with me.  Simply stated, Win 7  does not recognize that a Controller driver is installed for the port, and attempts to install the downloaded driver fail, indicating that it is not for my version of Windows (which is Win 7 Home Premium x64).  For this reason, the port is simply not working.  I am using the intel recommended driver.  My network works fine.  I popped an old ethernet PCI NIC into the system and Win 7 installed it and I have network access running fine with that.  So that allows me to use the online troubleshooting tools...windows could not find a driver in their database.  I believe Intel has an online troubleshooter, but I have not tried that yet.

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                            For those following this thread...the problem seems to be that the Vista version of the driver is incompatible with Win 7 and does not install.  You can install a Win 7 driver by using the Win 7 device "Update Driver" utility and browsing to the /Drivers/Software/Drivers/LAN/Pro1000/Winx64/NDIS62 folder in the disc that came with the motherboard and let it install from there.  Unfortunately, I am now suffering from another malady others are complaining about regarding this and that is that the interface is only running in the 10Mbps mode...well, something is better than nothing.

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                              Intel recently fixed the 10Gb LAN speed issue with the new LAN Pro 14.6 driver available for download.

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                                Thanks, James.  I fixed it just by setting the device properties to 100Mbps/Full Duplex.  Apparently the default installation is 10.  I still can't get the 14.6 Driver to unstall...I continue to get the "Wrong version of Windows" error message.  But I really don't care, it's working fine now with the older driver and the updated BIOS.