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    DP45SG low audio volume except left/right jack


      There are a maximum of 4 stereo jacks that can output sound in 7.1 audio configuration. I have set up everything correct to run with 7.1, the channel mappings are correct, everything seems to work. I had to deactivate Dolby "Pro Logic" to hear anything on the left/right jack and I have deactivated "Bass-Management", because all I want is to hear exactly what I send to the soundcard. All mixer levels are on the same settings. I play a 7.1 multichannel wav file, where every channel has exactly the same mono audio data. And here is the problem:


      The left/right jack has correct volume. The volume of all other jacks is about 50% less compared to the left/right jack. Even the noise test signals from the IDT sound Control applications that are generated when clicking on the speakers are sent with different levels. This is definitly a bug.


      I have veriefied the behaviour on 2 systems with this board. I am using Windows XP SP3.


      I have tested with the latest driver (date 15.7.2009) and with the one shipped with the mainboard (date June 2008) with the same result.


      How can this issue be fixed?