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    Core i7 920 with Asus P6T delux placed in my sony vaio vcgrb38g Chassis


      I have a sony vaio desk top vgcrb38g, which has a pentium 4 processor.  I trying to upgrade my computer.  so, i purchased Core i7 920 processor

      and the manual states this processor needs a Thermally Advantage Chassis (TAC) verions 1.1, which maintains an internal ambient tempature at or

      below 38 degrees celcius.Manuaul states a pentium 4 processor also reuquires this. so, does this means my vgcrb38g chassis is a Thermally Advantage Chassis? I went to the people i thought should be able to answer this question - Sony - but know they directed me to this site.


      can some help me...please....i am a nubi and i do not want to burnout my processor