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    Anyone experience spontanious reboots?


      My Windows 8.1 stick has a habit of rebooting if I start Kodi, if I run several program installations at the same time and then it has problems with the startsector after the reboots. After killing the power, waiting 30 seconds and then trying again I can get it ro run....until next time.


      Anyone else experience this problem?


      BIOS is 0022.

      Disk: Kingston S10032

      SN: GEFC51700AF1

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          Hello statica,

          In regards to the different tasks you mentioned before like starting Kodi and running several program installations at once; are you doing it all at the same time or running just any specific programs?

          If so, please send me a link to the software you’re using or a trial version for me to test it from this end and try to replicate this behavior.


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            This is going to sound silly, but hear (read) me out.


            Using the USB port on my TV for power resulted in random restarts when I attempted to setup my Stick. Especially when it came to WiFi. Every time that WiFi kicked in to scan for networks the device would power off. Switching to the wall plug for the USB power cable solved all that. In your case, maybe Kodi requires some extra processing power that is too much for the USB port (if you're using your TV).


            It might be worth attempting to use the wall plug to see if that has any impact on the behavior you're experiencing.

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              It does this reboot thing everytime I run Kodi. Have tried Kodi 14, 14.2 and 15 and the stick reboots as soon as Kodi main screen appears. Zeke proposed that I try the power adapter and not power from monitor so will try this. But the reboot also happens when I run almost any app. Have not used an app after finding out it reboots the stick as I cant find a system in what apps cause this problem as it seems to be them all. I have started RMA case at my reseller so will send my stick in for troubleshooting as I cant use the stick when it reboots constantly.

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                Ouch, rebooting with any app is a different story!


                Today was their target to release the patch for the 8.1 app issue, hope that helps in your case. Either way, it looks like a clean recovery image is going to become a very popular request item with these first run issues.

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                  I applied the patch but it had no effect on my problem. I have started RMA case as I think there must be something wrong when it shuts down just by me running Kodi. Also it reboots every time I start an app so my problem is a bit more hardware oriented I think than the problem the patch should fix.

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                    i had the same issue, do a factory reset within windows.


                    Must use wall socket for power

                    Must use powered usb for all devices (otherwise you will get reboots and corrupt the drive)

                    SD card to be used as RAM

                    FORGET wireless and use a Ethernet adapter as it use too much CPU reconnecting all the time.


                    I now have a uptime of 2 days without crash and burn

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                      It is good to hear it is working normal now.


                      Kevin M

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                        I tried with just the receiver for my keyboard plugged in and that works with Kodi. So seems to be a power issue when running more than 1 device in the usb slot. Trying with a powered usb hub tomorrow so I hope that works.