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    Windows 8.1 (64 bit) Installation issues on NUC5i3RYH


      Hi, I'm trying to install Windows by myself for first time on my new NUC5i3RYH. I've made boot up disk on usb stick which seems to have worked. I can get first part of installation on iNUC with registration key entered no problems, but when i'm asked which drive i want windows installed on the SSD i've installed isn't recognised. I've re-checked the drive that it's all connected to iNUC securely and it seems to be. So i'm wondering if I have to do something i'm not aware of, or is drive possibly no good. I also checked in Boot menu to see if SSD is recognised and it isn't although Windows installation usb is and another usb stick was as well. I also tried installing drivers from intel website during installation for storage but it said drivers were incompatible with iNuc. If anyone can help i'd appreciate it. Thanks Cleeve

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          Are you using standard 2.5" SSD (like in a metal case), or are you using the M.2 style (circuit board like a stick of gum)?  If the 2.5", when you slide it properly in to make the connection, you should be able to see the screw holes on the sides align with the screw holes in the SSD (and you can insert two of the tiny/short screws included from Intel).  If those holes did not align, pull out the drive and try again.  My first attempt with a thinner SSD (7mm instead of 9.5mm?) did not line up and therefore would not have made the necessary connection for SATA/power.  Of course there are also cables for that SATA/power which hopefully remained connected to main board while you put the case back together.  Once you've got that, look for the drive to appear in a boot menu or BIOS - and if it appears there, it should appear for Windows - should not need to bother with special drivers.

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            Thanks dougho. That was the problem. All sorted and Windows is now up and running. Thank you so much!