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    Can I2C1 be used without further initializations


      Good day,


      currently I am having some trouble detecting my I2C devices using the I2C1 (Pins 41,43) of the edison. i2cdetect does not detect anything ("i2cdetect -y -r 1"). So before trying to identify mistakes in my hardware-layout I want to ask whether I2C1 can be used without further initializations? I ask because I found this thread:


      Re: how to enable I2C1? (No solution)


      On the other hand I also found this post: Using i2cdetect on the Intel Edison…and getting I2C6 to work on the mini breakout board | richards-tech notes saying that:


      "Only I2C1 and I2C6 appear on the Edison’s 70 pin connector but, by default, I2C6 isn’t usable."


      I expect 1.8V to be high and 0 to be low.