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    DP67BG (P67) - Impossible to OC new Ivy Bridge 3770K




      I got a motherboard Intel DP67BG (P67).

      Since new bios, the processor 22nm are supported, so I updated the bios to last one 2209 and bought a new Ivy Bridge i7 3770K.


      It works fine BUT :


      Clock ratios multipliers are LOCKED in bios, impossible to OC then, so the K version is useless !


      I tried clear CMOS, rebooting, load default value but it is still impossible to select the last options in the manual OC menu while it was possible with a Sandy bridge processor !


      I really need help since Intel sells K version to overclock and the new bios supports Ivy Bridge ... what's wrong then ?


      Thanks for your help !


      c1.PNG c2.PNG

      c3.PNG Capture.PNG