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    my monitor has gone haywire


      can anyone tell me how i can get control of my monitor back with 82945 express, since it is constantly flashing left and right "auto adjust proceeding", it seems to be stuck there, i have no control over OSM either, any and all qualified help is appreciated, hopefully  soon.....

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          hello to anyone, but anyone who will listen, i desperately need help, i've searched everywhere and can't seem to get a handle on where to find an answer,,,,,, somebody must have had this problem, which quite frankly seems ridiculous to me, but never-the-less, i can't find the solution, for months now..... i appreciate any and all help, no matter how simple u think this is, i need help, please..........do i sound desperate, my screen flashes left and right constantly, i live in a place where qualified help is not so accessible..............someone out there must have a solution, r u the someone i'm waiting to hear from?