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    Cant install HD graphics driver in windows 8.1


      After installing an app that required the grahics driver it kept failing to load due to missing graphics driver components. I removed all the drivers and deleted files from device manager and downloaded a fresh copy from intel site. Anytime i try to install this new driver i get "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" weather i try to install from device manager or from the installer package. I have tried running a chkdsk on C: which finds nothing and have tried downloading the older driver package which also gives the same error. I have also tried downloading the package on another computer and running the install from a network share.


      UPDATE: Updated the BIOS to 0022 to no avail getting the same error. Also tried to go through F8 to recover but getting an error that something is missing and i need the install media.


      Running out of ideas .