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    ARGH SC5299WS and S3200SHV Issue


      First, I know they are incompatible.  I did not know that when I ordered them.  I figured that all BRP cases were the same.


      Is there any way I can trick the fans into thinking it is the correct case?  When I run the FRU, no matter which case I pick the fans still run full blast.  If I choose "other" case and specify the fans I have installed, they still run on high.


      Has anyone ever got a server board and incompatible motherboard to work at normal fan speed?

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          Well the main difference between WS and DP,BRP is the PSU.
          WS - 670W
          DP - 550W
          BRP - 650W Redundant


          From the quick start guide, you can see that for SC5299E, System Fan 1 (denoted by B in QSG) needs to be connected. Of course, CPU fan 1 also needs to be connected.


          Make sure these were done correctly.


          Go on to the download page of the board.
          Download this onto your desktop:
          Website: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/download.aspx?url=/17856/eng/S3200SH_BIOS48_BMC32_FRUSDR114.zip&DwnldId=17856&lang=eng


          Extract the zip files.
          Copy all the extracted contents in the folder to a FAT-FORMATTED USB (ROOT directory of the usb)
          Insert the USB to the target machine.
          Boot the system into the BIOS (F2)
          Go to Boot Manager
          Select the EFI Shell and press Enter
          It will automatically boot onto the EFI shell.
          Once on the EFI shell, the shell will look for the file startup.nsh automatically in the USB.
          If it does not find the startup file, try another USB.
          It will load the firmware package automatically and you just need to follow the instructions.


          Now when it is going to do FRU/SDR update, choose update SDR only.
          You will get a display:


          MENUTITLE   "Select the Chassis"
          MENU        "SC5299UP"   "Intel(R) Server Chassis SC5299 UP"
          MENU        "SC5299UP"   "Intel(R) Server Chassis SC5299 DP"
          MENU        "SC5299UP"   "Intel(R) Server Chassis SC5299 BRP"
          MENU        "SR1530SH"   "Intel(R) Server Chassis SR1530 SH"
          MENU        "SR1530HSH"  "Intel(R) Server Chassis SR1530 HSH"
          MENU        "OTHER"      "Other Chassis"


          Choose DP
          It will ask you another question:
          "Does the chassis have the optional system fan 2 (chassis front)?"
          Select yes, if you have a backplane connected.
          Restart system and check if it helps.


          Then if it does not work, choose BRP
          Repeat same steps as above.


          Finally, try Other Chassis.
          It will ask these questions below:
          "Does the system have chassis intrusion?"
          "Is CPU Fan 1 installed?"
          "Is System Fan 1 installed?"
          "Is System Fan 2 installed?"
          "Is System Fan 3 installed?"
          "Is System Fan 4 installed?"

          Answer correctly to these questions. And check :-). If it still does not work, hope someone else can help you here.


          All the best,


          Kind Regards,

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            That worked great!  Thanks for your help!

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              No problem.


              Glad to share my knowledge. :-)


              Happy to help.


              Kind Regards,