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    What do i Need?


      I had a problem after dling xp sp2 and since im not the best with computers i ended up making it worse. So now I have a formatted hd (somehow I managed to set my old files to a seperate partition, proud of that) I keep trying to install windows but when i do I get an hard disk error when it says starting windows (before any reboot) the error says "hard disk error system32/ntdll.dll". This is my fiances computer, the computer was made by one of her friends and she managed to loose all the driver disks, windows xp that i bought for her and all the manuals. So I'm trying to do this blind with little knowledge of computers, good thing im a quick learner. I've tried a new HD and got the same error, I've tried multiple xp and vista disks, same error. Now I don't have a floppy drive, the usb's i do not believe work they didnt before this problem(this is why i was dling things for the comp, the guy never put in any inf files and half the drivers where missing). My HD is western digital, its a sata, i have the bios set for native/ide. the MB is dp965lt. So I'm at a loss after about a month of messing with this thing. Basicly I just wanted to get a think tank of ideas of what the problem could be. and a list of things i should do to install my os since no floppy. It could also all come down to the os cd's being bad, they are not the best copies, I just don't want to go out and purchase a new copy since I already bought one a few years ago and I'm not sure yet if thats the reason I'm having problems yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm starting to bald from pulling out my hair...

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          So you are trying to install a copy of windows from a cd that you burnt from a download of the os, you got form the web somewhere?

          I would think the biggest chance of causing the error, is either the copy of the OS you downloaded or the burn of the CD.

          When exactly are you getting the error? just after the DOS mode part of the installation? The otehr thing you could do is create a msdos bootable usb (thats large enough) then copy the I386 from the windows installation CD on to it..then boot your laptop form the usb, copy the file over then run the winnt32.exe i think it is. And see if you get the same error.