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    The AA number has not been programmed on the system (DG965WH)


      Every time I start my PC, I am confronted with this error:

      "The AA number has not been programmed on the system. Press enter to continue."


      Programs like NVidia Control Panel can not tell what kind of motherboard I am using (DG965WH). I can not upgrade to a newer version of the BIOS since the software does not know what the model type of mine is and refuses. I am stuck and this error is very annoying. Other than the error, the computer runs perfectly.


      I believe this happened when I took out the battery because I was having issues with the RAM adjustments I had made. Taking out the battery does not solve the problem. I have tried many ways to install a newer version (and older) of the BIOS firmware but it never follows through.


      How can I fix this issue, or just bypass the error screen? Thanks for the help.