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    [Linux] Setting backlight for intel Poulsbo US15W chipset?

      Hi there,

      I am searching for a solution to set the backlight from a device, which uses the Intel Poulsbo Chipset.

      The device is an "o2 Joggler", something like a better digital picture frame.

      The display used is a:

      “Sharp LQ070Y3LG4A LCD panel via LVDS port on Poulsbo”.


      The device comes with a sch.ko module which is working for the original kernel 2.6.24-lpia.

      It provides /proc/blctrl and can be easy modified by


      echo VALUE > /proc/blctrl.


      As the vendor (OpenPeak) doesn't offer any sources, I wonder how I can control backlight with other kernels?
      I have running kernel 2.6.30 for now but as I have no sources for controlling the backlight - I don't get further.


      Is there a general functioning source code to control the backlight from these chipsets?