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    Can I access BMC through NIC 2 in a S5520UR?


      Hi. I'm trying to access the BMC through NIC 2 on a S5520UR.


      I tried syscfg and ipmitool for setting up the BMC LAN configuratioin, but both says that BMC channel 2 is not a LAN channel. Only channels 1 and 3 are available. Channel 1 is associated with NIC1 and Channel 3 is for RMMI AFAIK.


      The specifications says:

      "The Integrated BMC hardware includes two dedicated 10/100 network interfaces.

      These interfaces are not shared with the host system.

      At any time, only one dedicated interface may be enabled for management traffic.

      The default active interface is the NIC 1 port"


      what suggests me that the NIC 2 can be used.


      However on the MAC address definition it says:

      "Each Intel® Server Board S5520UR has the following four MAC addresses assigned to it at the Intel factory.

      NIC 1 MAC address

      NIC 2 MAC address – Assigned the NIC 1 MAC address +1

      Integrated BMC LAN Channel MAC address – Assigned the NIC 1 MAC address +2

      Intel® Remote Management Module 3 (Intel® RMM3) MAC address – Assigned the NIC 1 MAC address +3"


      That just talks about one LAN channel.


      Intel Deployment Assistant Release Notes says:

      "Boot Side Features Details:


         Configure System Management (Baseboard Management Controller Communication/Users)

          - Enable access to the BMC through NIC 1 and/or NIC 2 and/or Serial Port"


      But booting it just let me configure LAN channel 1 associated to onboard NIC 1. So I'm a bit confused.


      The question is if it is possible to set NIC 2 as a port to access the BMC and how can that be done?