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    Will using Xeon E5520 or Core i7-920 processor instead of Q6600 processor solve my problem?

      Hi all,  I'm looking for some help for my application.  We have a simulator application which utilizes a total of 5 machines for its operation (01x Instructor Station, 03x Input/Output Systems and 01x Computer Graphics Imagery). We intend to optimize the hardware utilization of this simulator by using a single computer for IIS and IOS modules of the application. To achieve our objective, we are creating 3 threads for the IO operation in the revised code which are to run in parallel simultaneously. However the revised code of the application works fine if we select any one (only one) of the IO but fails if more than one IO is selected.   Presently we are using an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor for our application. Will it be of help if we replace the present processor with an Intel i7-920 processor or Intel Xeon E5520 processor on a DX58SO motherboard?  Any help in this respect would be highly appreciated.  Thanks and Regards,  Kapil