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    Is there a Family/Model/Stepping scheme?


      Dear Intel and Forum Members,


      I am looking for a way to convert CPUID information (Family x, Model x, Stepping x) into the Brand name of the processor in question.  I am aware of CPUID/CPU-Z tool, I know http://www.intel.com/pressroom/kits/quickreffam.htm and http://ark.intel.com/ but these do not provide the functionality I need.


      We have a inventory solution, and part of the inventory data collected is Processor Type (Family x, Model x, Stepping x) into a spreadsheet (100s of PCs, not all with unique processor types ofcourse) I need to add some meaning to this.  It would be great if there is a tool available where the Family/Model/Stepping values would convert it to the possible Brand names that match the entered combination.


      I find it hard to believe that there is no such tool, or there should at least be a list and/or chart.  I have spend many hours searching the web (and learned alot about processors along the way), but the conversion/reference data I need is no where to be found.


      Please help!