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    Teaming Pro 1000 PT Blue Screen


      Hello, I am currently trying to team my Intel Pro 1000 PT adapters and I get a BOSD everytime I try. When I break the team and restart the computer it solves the problem. The hardware is a IBM 3850 M2 with Windows 2003 R2 64bit. I have upgraded to all the latest driver levels and the OS is also up to date.





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          Hi Chris,

          I did some checking and found that we do not have any known issues with the adapter or ANS driver that would cause your BSOD when creating a team. If it isn't those drivers, then you will have to look at other possibilities.


          Since I do not know the actual cause of your crash, I thought I would share some quick thoughts that might help find the culprit. Sometimes the BSOD comes from something in the system that was fixed by an updated BIOS. Sometimes there is a problem with low resources in some part of the server that can cause a BSOD. You might be able to free up PCI or PCI Express resources by disabling adapter ROMs in the BIOS. Of course, the BSOD might be cuased by a different resource issue or even bad hardware. You might check with IBM or in other communities to see if anyone else is running into similar BSOD issues with your system.


          Some security software installs virtual network adapters that can cause issues with the advanced networking services (ANS) driver that is used for teaming and VLANs. However, I have never known that to be the cause of a BSOD. Sometimes you can work around an issue with virtual network adapters by uninstalling the software that installed the virtual adapters. Then you configure teams and/or VLANs. Finally, when everything is working you reinstall the software.


          Is the OS running in a virtual machine? Maybe there is a conflict related to the VM.


          Do you have VLANs configured on the ports in the team? Maybe doing things in a different order would get you past the BSOD. You could try removing the VLANs, configure the team, and then configure the VLANs again.


          Did you have teaming working at one time and the problem started happening after another change? Maybe this is a case where an older version of drivers will work better.


          I realize the above thoughts are probably not going to solve your problem directly, but I hope some of this helps you troubleshoot the problem.


          Be sure to let us know what you find.


          Mark H