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    SRCSATAWB Drive change and Web console Problems


      Hi People,


      I am running the SRCSATAWB card on the snow hill platform with 3 drives configured as Raid 5.


      First of all, I've installed Web console 2 version 3.04.0500 (win2k8 x64 running), and it is generating event logs and if something goes wrong I get the messageboxes popping up on the screen, but when I load up web console, I just don't see any "servers" in the list... it's like it's not picking up... I've uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times, but still same problem... any ideas what I can do?



      Second, We had a drive failure yesterday (all 3 drives are 750GB sata), when we bought a new drive, they didn't have any 750, so we had to go 1TB.  So I removed the old drive which was faulty, and replaced with the 1TB.  so the old one's status said "missing", so in the raid bios the new drive showed "UNCONF BAD" ... so I set it to "UNCONF GOOD" and then "REBUILD" ... then it started rebuilding but after a while (probably 15 minutes and before it even got to 1%) it almost seems like it resets, cause it just shows that the previous drive is missing again, it's like it lost the config or any sense that there's a new drive in.  Then when I select "Scan devices" then it shows up again as "UNCONF BAD"


      any Idea how I can resolve this?