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      Hello, i recently built a home computer using the dx58s0 mother board i have 6GB of DDR3 patriot extreme gaming ram clocked at 1600mhz, intel i7 extreme processer (965 bloomfield), two Diamond Ati radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics cards,silverstone 1000W power supply,3 TB of disk space. So recently my comp stopped booting, it would turn on but immediately it turns off then comes back on and idles it does nothing does not load bios or windows. I took it to Fry electronics where i purchased all the parts and the tech there said it was a motherboard problem so i was wondering if some here has any info to help me with this issue. or should i just contact intel and turn in the motherboard?


      Thank You   

                      Sgt.Gillum U.S.Army

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          Hi, Sgt.,

          I'm Tom, a Channel Partner Member and Core I7 owner. I thought you might like some feedback. I had problems with a DX58SO board myself, a couple of times. If your tech guy suggested it is a motherboard problem, I would RMA the board. Intel does pretty well with RMA's in my experience. I sent my last

          board in RMA, and they sent me a new one, or well, a refurb. and it works fine now. You might even want to contact an agent through live chat, as they are

          good about getting the RMA through for you quick and easy. Good luck and happy computing.

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            Dear Tom,

            Thank you for such a hasty response I will take your advise and contact intel.


            Thank you again     

                                     Sgt.Gillum U.S.Army

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              Hey please i need help with something. I have just bought a new computer, motherboard (dx58so), Processor (Intel i7 950), 6gb memmory tripple channel, Video Card (nvidia 8400gs), Power supply (Corsair 750 professional)... I putted together and i installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits. It worked fine but it has an unnsual problem when i try to save something from the computer (Internal Disc) to a external device, (Via USB, Firewire), it doesnt work well, it is really slow and sometimes it blocks.. When i use only the intern disc it works normal, it seems that the problem is data transfer outside the internal device... I called Intel for help, and they told that it could be my power supply, because i had a 550 v before, so i bought the corsair 750 professional.. I Putted together and still has that problem... I updated the BIOS and nothing works...I also bought a LACIE PCI Card Firewire 800 to see if it works better and it doesnt ..I looked it up and someone told to change the driver of the Firewire to (Legacy), it helped, it is better  but the problem remains . Please somebody help me.. i dont know if it is a problem of the motherboard..