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    CPU Overheating problem

      Just recently i upgraded my power supply in my computer in order to make sure everything is properly powered. When i booted up and tried to run a video or a game my computer would just randomly shut down. i used Real Temp to check the temprature of my cpu and it was in the range of mid 80's-90's. ive never had a problem like this before. Ive tried cleaning the cpu fan and heatsink as well as replace the thermal paste but my cpu is still running at a very high temprature


      my specs are:

      Core 2 Duo 6400 2.13Ghz

      6gb DDR2 ram

      Asus P5N-D motherboard

      and a 850 watt Ultra X3 power supply


      any suggestions as to whats wrong?

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          So you ONLY changed the PSU? thats weird, have you still got the other PSU, if so swap it back and see if it helps. Otherwise the only thing i can suggest is the usual, clean the CPU reseat the fan and heatsink and see, make sure you have all the cables and what not connected properly. You could also try updating the BIOS to see if that helps.