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    Is there more complete documentation for computer motherboards?



      I have just encountered yet another problem with incomplete documentation. In a nutshell, when I installed my new system and booted for the first time, the boot process failed. When I looked at the documentation for the DG43NB I found incomplete information for troubleshooting. For example, the guide discusses audible indications (Table 15) and their meaning but during failed boot, I heard no audible tones whatsoever. The guide also presented BIOS error messages (Table 16), which appear to be displayed as text strings but all I saw was what looked like a POST code in the lower right hand corner "B8". Neither what no audible tone nor what "B8" mean are presented.


      When I moved my IDE CD-ROM drive from a connection to SATA0 via a Best Connectivity SATA to IDE dongle to slave on the DG43NB's IDE controller the system booted properly and the system booted to the Ubuntu install disk. So, this isn't a matter of not being able to install my OS but of incomplete documentation. Doesn't anyone from Intel read this forum? I asked about POST codes when a previous system failed but I see that there's no response to that. It would be very nice if Intel could see fit to improve the resources provided to customers and, in my case, people who own Intel stock who also use Intel hardware.


      Come on, Intel, you can provide more complete information including complete POST code listings that are up to date and guidelines for proper installation, such as the use of adapters.