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    PC Recovering from sleep not working properly?


      I am having a problem with my PC recovering from sleep.  The PC is a recent build in the last 12 months.  I initally instaled Windows Vista home edition with valid software keys and the computer would properly sleep and to recover from sleep all I had to do was move mouse or touch a key.
      About 2 months ago the computer wouldn't recover from sleep properly and I didn't make any os or bios changes.  The only way for the PC to recover is to pull the plug out of the power supply and reboot the machine.  I work with software and have tried trouble shooting myself in the BIOS and the Opertating System control panel but I am not able to resolve the issue.  I don't think it is hardware and I don't want to have to replace the mother board or install a new OS.

      Motherboard: intel desktop board dx48bt2
      Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista Home (current updates)

      BIOS - System Setup - Power
      After Power Faliure <stay Off>
      Wake from LAN from S5 <Power On>
      ACPI suspend State <S3 State>
      c2 state <enabled>
      Wake Sustem from S5

      OS Power Option Setting
      Slep Set to Never. only so PC doesn't go to sleep.

      Any ideas on how I can trouble shoot this or get an update?
      Thank you,