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    DG41RQ...BlueScreen of death..


      hi all,

      i recently got DG41RQ motherboard with a 3gb ram and a core2due cpu

      i downloaded the lates drivers from intel's site, i keep my pc runing for almost 72 continuas hours and nothing go'es wrong and errors...running vmware and vpc giving each a 1 GB ram...running many applications ...nothing goes wrong...but when i turn everything off

      and starts a game i got a blue screen error each time and so fast!!!! the games: PES 2009...colin mcrae rally 2005...doom3...all

      i searched the www many times...some sayed the VGA driver...get the lates...i got the lates...some say downgrade the driver..i also did...update the BIOS...

      i also did ..some sayed u should set the shared memory to less than 1/4 of the total ...its 256..i did lower it to 128...the same error

      some sayed change the OS...i installed vista home basic...ultimate...xp_pro_sp2...sp3..win server 2003...changing the driver update....downgrade ..the same blue screen

      i got the last error saved as a text file :

      Problem signature:
        Problem Event Name:    BlueScreen
        OS Version:    6.0.6001.
        Locale ID:    1033


      Additional information about the problem:
        BCCode:    1000008e
        BCP1:    C0000005
        BCP2:    81A3B67A
        BCP3:    8BB7BB58
        BCP4:    00000000
        OS Version:    6_0_6001
        Service Pack:    1_0
        Product:    256_1


      i just hate to see a new pc doing this

      is it a driver issue or the chipset???


      i need a help and an advice pls

      ps: sorry for my bad english



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          If i were you i would do the following:

          Run memtest..just to check that the ram is fine.

          Then i would do a clear cmos and then update BIOS (even if you have teh latest one)

          Go into windows and put all teh settings to default

          Then reinstall windows and install the drivers form the website in the following order (this is important): Chipset audio video lan then anything else.

          Now test the system.  Test as you already have with a few games see what happens. If you are still getting the issue, you are going to have to cross test the components, try a differnt CPU, PSU, RAM even try putting a graphics card in. This way you can isolate whcih is teh faulty component and then replace it.


          Hope this helps.