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    HDMI port can’t resume from power saving mode (G45 chipset)


      I just bought a new LG W2442PA-BF 24in LCD Monitor with HMDI input

      ( http://www.lge.com/fr/produits-informatiques/moniteurs/16-9e/LG-W2442PA-BF.jsp ) and use the HDMI output from my HP dv5-1007ca laptop (Intel GMA4500MHD) to display my Windows XP desktop in 1920x1080, it is working so far !

      Now, I noticed that when the monitor goes into power saving mode (after 5 minutes in my XP config), when I went back to my «PC », the monitor power LED (first orange) goes to blue (ON state) but can’t display and then my laptop screen goes ON.  I heard connect, disconnect, connect sounds when it happens.  I have to use fn+F4 (or Ctrl+Alt+F4 from Intel) keys to wake my monitor back (I use single display, not extended).

      If it can help debug, I also noticed that when I grab my notebook for work in standby mode, when I went back home, I must turn ON the LG Monitor before wake my notebook, and when my notebook is awaken, I must do keys twice to get it displays. It fails the first time.  If I don’t turn ON my LG Monitor before wake my notebook, I will have to enter standby mode again (when Monitor is ON) to get it displays after doing keys twice again.

      To disable audio trough HDMI port, I disabled the « Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI Service »  trough device manager (I don’t know if it’s the best way to disable HDMI audio but it works)

      I use latest BIOS Update F.21 A from HP and latest drivers 6.14.0010.5090 from Intel (same with previous BIOS F.16 A and previous drivers