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    Burnt Thin Canyon DE3815TYKHE, no polarity protection?


      I had DE3815TYKHE for a while, trying to fit that into my car. So while I was distracted by failing usb peripherals, I didn't pay attention and connected NUC to 12V with reverse polarity. Yes I should have checked it with voltmeter and I knew it can damage unprotected circuits. But since much cheaper Arduino boards have reverse polarity protection, I though Intel would do that too. I WAS WRONG.

      That's a bit frustration for a premium priced DIY item.

      So I am attaching a pic. Looks like one resistor is burnt, maybe something else also happened. I didn't check other side of the board yet.

      So a few questions to ask that may be helpful:

      - Is this item NOT supposed to have polarity protection? That means no warranty on it and asking Intel for paid-repair probably will cost more than new item.

      - Can I repair this myself? That means I need to know resistor value that's gone. I can desolder and replace myself. That should assume NO OTHER parts are damaged. Soldering work on these SMDs are very difficult, I can't replace major parts. That case, it will go to trash.