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    vPro Flash Module Development


      Hi Experts,

      I'm looking for some informations around vPro Falsh Module that is available on vPro Laptops.

      My questions are relative to the possibility to implement some program code inside the Flash :

      - Is it possible to write Executable Code on the Flash?

      - If so, would it be a 16 or 32 bits code ?

      - Can we implement Boot-Block code as MBR on the Flash so we would be abble to boot on the Flash rather than the Drive or USB Key.

      - Can we implement a BIOS EFI Extension code on the Flash ?

      - Can we use a NetworkBootProgram PXE for exemple on our code ?

      - What size could we expect to use on the Flash to inject our code in the vPro Flash Module ?

      - Is there a Technical Reference Document for the Flash vPro Module we could use ?


      Thanks a lot for your help on this !