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      I'm trying to use WIndows7 32bit and 64bit both.

      My chipset is Q965 and using GMA3000 and dual display, with add2 card.

      Single display environment works fine (including Aero), but when it comes to dual display, Windows Aero is disabled.

      Running Aero Troubleshooting tells me "Desktop Window Manager is disabled" and temporarily enables Aero, but logging out or rebooting result in Aero disabled.

      Eventlog says "The Desktop Window Manager has exited with code (0x88980406)".

      The latest drivers from Intel download site of Windows 7 doesn't resolve the problem (I tried 32bit and 64bit version each).


      Forcing install Windows Vista Driver on Windows 7 works like a charm, so I think it's the problem of Windows 7 driver only.


      I'm hoping the problem to be solved soon. Thanks.