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    Intel Fortran Compiler with "-parallel" Does Not Work


      Dear Collegues;


      I have a serial Fortran code that works fine. Once I compile the same code using ifort -parallel and run it, it gives wrong results and overflow. I would expect that with "-parallel" flag, the Intel compiler is capable of selecting the loops that are safe to parallelize and I should get the exact same results as for the serial code, which did not happen. The even more strange behaviour is that I went ahead and closed all the do loops parallelization in my code using !DEC$ NOPARALLEL, compiled the code using ifort -parallel to make sure that non of the loops was parallelized and then run. Surprisingly, I got the same wrong results and overflow, although the latter action should be exactly equivalent to a serial code.


      Is there any one capable of explaining this behaviour or is it just an Intel compiler deficiency.