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    Video BIOS source for Pineview version 1870


      I delelop diagnostic scripts for failed boards and am trying to get the Video BIOS for the IGD in the Pineview processor to successfully run. Since the platforms I test are all failed boards I use the ITP to run the diagnostic scripts. I do not use the system BIOS so all platform requirements are completed as part of my diagnostic routine. My have the memory script working and I have the video BIOS downloaded from the Intel® Validation Internet Portal (platformsw.intel.com) and load it to system memory at physical address 0C0000. I can executed most of the video BIOS but about 3/4 of the way through the code gets stuck into a loop. I have solved issues like this before by letting the system BIOS run and breaking out where the Video BIOS get calls and seeing what difference occurs. Usually it will be something I have forgot to set up, i.e., IO Space Enable (easy fix) or INT15 routine needs to be implemented (difficult fix) but in this case I can't figure out the problem.


      I am hoping somebody can give me a contact in the Video BIOS group so I can see if I can get access to the source code. It would be nice to load the symbols instead of trying to walk through the assembly (too tedious).


      Thanks in advance.