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    Unable to configure DG45ID to operate the HDMI port


      Hi all,

      This is the first time I post a question because up till now I have managed to make my way through several PC's using the Internet...

      Anyway, this time I'm lost...here's the story, my setup is as follows:


      1. Intel E5300 CPU.

      2. Intel DG45ID Motherboard.

      3. 2 x 1GByte 800MHz Kingston memory cards.

      4.Windows XP Media Center Edition slipstreamed with SP3 and Raid / AHCI drivers.


      This was supposed to be a PC for my children while enabling them to see some HD movies on an LCD screen.


      At first i have installed the PC through a DVI-I / VGA converter using my 5 year old CRT. I updated all drivers including Chipset/GMA/Audio/LAN it worked well but when I connected the LCD screen through the HDMI port it did not seem to gain steady signal connection (it went ON/OFF alternately during Boot sequence and finally failed while loading windows). When opening the Graphics driver I realized that I do not see the "Video Settings" tab.

      I must note that I have checked the LCD sreen with other HDMI sources and they all worked well!!!


      I tried installing WinVista Ultimate, although I got the "Video Settings"  tab in the Graphics Driver I still couldn't see anything in my LCD screen!!!


      Please help me out here...



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          I have read that there is a design defect on this chipset and it runs way too hot. it has a north and south bridge including 2 heat sinks. mine burned out and am stil fighting for over 6 months to get it fixed under waranty. my advice is 2: (a) put in better cooling fans etc. (b) put in your own video card with fan blowing out the back of case. (c) put in a slot blower. There are also some chipset heat sin fans. available. there are 2 types: push pin bolt through, and wire clip mount. the intel video is on the tiny heat sink. (way to small) can not cool. Thermaltake Spirit A100 might fit.

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            I have 4 of these boards and only one has a persistent problem.  It happened to have a VGA-DVI adapter connected to a CRT monitor originally.  I can't conclusively say this is the cause since other hardware and software could be involved.  Few are willing to fully describe their configurations.  In my case I repaired an LCD monitor which now works elsewhere but on the one system will not sleep by itself with a DVI connection (OK computer sleep or hibernation).  I've removed the speakers that could have created a short.  I don't have any HDMI to test with but it works correctly only with the VGA-DVI adapter.