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    Triple Memory for DX58DO Extreme


      Hello everyone,

      Just bought the DX58SO Motherboard and want to install triple channel with my OCZ Gold DDR 3 Memories PC3 12800 Gold Series. 1600 2 GB. They have 1.65 Volts as all other brands of triple Memory. But on the Board Manual it says not to employ memory modules higher than 1.6 V as it might damage the processor (i7920). I don't understand because all other Boards do not have this limitation. Normally all Triple Channels for i 7 Processors have 1.65 V.So why should the processor be damaged with the dx58DO Extreme Motheboard only? It is very difficult to find a triple memory of less than 1.65 V, especially if you want 2GB 1600.

      thanks for your answer