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    Xeon Engineering Sample - Illegal?


      Well, I have a pair of Xeon 5080 ES's that I bought about a year or so ago, not knowing that they shouldn't have been for sale in the first place.


      I tried to sell them on Ebay because i'm moving onto quad core CPU's, and a kind individual stated that I should remove them for sale because its illegal to own them or sell them!


      Well I have removed the listing, and wondered what I should do? It's been too long to go back to the original retailer now... I don't want to be stuck with CPU's that I can't sell, and shouldn't even own. I tried to call Intel in my country for advice, but its weekend and there's nobody answering!


      Any ideas?

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          Im not sure the legallity of it all, people sell them often, problem is, most of them do not perform as well as the retail versions. the ES ones are basically Beta versions for testing usually by Motherboard companies like ASUS and such.

          If you still have them I am interested ive never built a xeon machine. contact me - nickelci at snet dot net