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    Desktop Control Center - DX58SO -Windows 7


      Hello everybody, Jefferson here, posting for the 1st time.

      I got a new system 2 weeks ago, fully Intel Powered, with an i7920 and the incredible motherboard Dx58S0.

      My Question here is, since i've got 8gig's of ram, I decided to go Windows 7 64 bit, but unfortunately, the Desktop Control Center is still not availabe for this particular OS.

      I really don't know if this is the best place to ask, since it's a community forum, but, do you guys have any idea of when will it be released, or at least, be compatible to Windows 7?

      Cause I had it on my previews system running vista, and it's a very interesting tool.

      Ps. By the way, have any of you made any tests with the Control Center on the new I7? What are good(safe+stable) voltage tweaks I should go on these babys?

      Thank you all in advance!

      Best Regards, Jefferson.

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          Hi Jefferson,

          I'm Tom, a Channel Partner Member, and core i7 920 owner, and I thought you might like some feedback. Rest assured, Intel has promised the

          release of Desktop Control Center on or around the time Windows 7 hits the market, so you should be good for Windows 7 and the DCC. Just

          keep checking the downloads section.

          As for voltage settings, I have overclocked my 920 a bit, but not too much, but for a stable 3.10GHz I need not go over 1.25 volts. If you plan to

          go over 3.10GHz, then perhaps 1.3 or so. Mine runs stable at 3.10 with 1.25 volts, and I don't see much need to go over that. Good luck and

          happy computing.

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            Hey Tom, thank you so much for your answer, really appreciated!

            So waiting shall be my remedy, Hehehe..

            Since i got my W7 on an upgrade from dell's vista, i thought the new OS was out on the market already.. but it doesn't seems to be the case.

            And about voltages, I have no intentions on 'superclocking' my I7, since, default as it is now, it can handle everything I run on my system, and 3.10 ghz seems more than enough for 'hardcore' gaming nowadays, based on games I tested myself (lol, frame rates and graphics are outstanding on 2.66, imagine 3.1 )

            The point of my clocking is to see how much it will help on my video encoding works, since x264vfw can pull everything it can out of those 8 cores =D

            Thx again, man.

            Best Regards, Jefferson!

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              I have recently installed windows 7 by completely removing all other versions of windows. The only problem til now is im unable to install IDCC for my Intel DX58SO mbrd. It gets installed after selecting Vista as compatability mode and after i restarted my system i even set its exe to be in compatability mode but then it shows its splash screen but doesnt start, and after a while a error msg shows that "Unable to initialise XTU service.


              What can be the problem , and is there any way to run that in windows 7. Well let me add it was running fine under Vista SP2.


              Im waiting for its new release that supports windows 7 and waiting for new set of inf drivers for DX58SO that supports motherboard.

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                finally the version for windows 7 has been released, thanks alot to the intel guys... now everthing is under control of windows 7....