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    Bios Problem


      I have a Gateway GT5628, with the Intel Schroeder Town DG33SXG2 motherboard. Don't get the pitch forks ready just yet, and try to chase me off to Gateway support. What I want to do is unlock more of the settings in the bios. I recently bought 8GB of ram in anticipation of moving to Windows 7 64 bit. I have 4GB of it working nicely at DDR2-800 in 32 bit Vista. It's rated for DDR2-1066 speeds, but it requires the voltage be set to 2.1v, and a small change to the timings.   I have the Intel Integrator Toolkit to modify the bios, and I was wondering if it was possible to edit the bios slightly to unlock the ram voltage and timings, and without losing my OEM installed Vista. I'm going to be getting the Windows 7 upgrade on the 22nd. If I waited until after I have that installed and working would I have to worry about losing my OEM authentication? I've got the bios downloaded, and I've edited it to unlock and show everything, though I wouldn't be messing with everything. I also need to know how to get Intel Express Bios Update to use my modified bios if it will work. Any input would be wonderful.




      Steven Wencel