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    Pentium III upgrade


      Upgrade pentium III 500 ACPI x86 family 6 model 7, what P III around 1 to 1.4 ghz can I use

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          Three thing come to mind.


          1. finding P3 cpu's

          2. what motherboard do you have

          3. finding info about that motherboard.

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            Computer Brand Name:Gateway GP7-500
            Motherboard Model:Intel WS440BX
            Motherboard Chipset:Intel 82440BX/ZX AGPset (Seattle) + PIIX4E
            Motherboard Slots:1xISA, 5xPCI, 1xAGP v1.0
            BIOS Manufacturer:Phoenix Technologies
            BIOS Date:11/04/99
            BIOS Version:4W4SB0X0.15A.0019.P14
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              Can't find your Motherboard so for all I know its got the fastest CPU it can have.


              That thing should be in a museum...a second hand PC would be a better way to go then upgrading that thing.

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                I'll second that advice. I'm currently running a 500 MHz Pentium III 'Katmai' as my primary desktop computer, so I'm due for an upgrade too.  US$ 300 +ehft will buy me a basic, yet adequate (for many people) Celeron 420 box complete with an 18" LCD.

                If you're determined to upgrade your Pentium III machine, you should try to find out whether the chipset and mainboard support Tualatin, which were probably the nicest Pentium III chips.

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                  I had thought if it was quick and easy might be ok. But !!!!! I found and outfit in Texas that ships refurbs with warranty real cheap. You might want to look at em. I just bought one. My contact is Jeremy Petty [jeremy@1hcdi.com]   http://www.hcditrading.com

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                    I guess we can close this thread. Answered.

                    Thanks All

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                      Has it been answered?  It looks as though the OP just purchased a newer pc to replace the old gateway.  The answer is, the fastest proc that the Tabor II supports will be the Tualatin Celeron 1400.  I had one of these until earlier this year when I donated it to a neighbor's kid.  Had a 550MHz Katamia in stock condition but I successfully upgraded to the Celeron 1400 with help of a Powerleap Slocket adaptor around 2002.  The machine still can keep up with anything besides the newest 3d games.  I hope to keep it alive for many more years (I think the mtbf was something around 15years so should be plenty of time left)