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    DG33FB and E6300 (new)


      I have been using a DG33FB board for a while with an E8400 and a E5200 proc.  Runs great and quiet.  I recently bought a new E6300 and installed it.  My once quiet PC was now very loud.  The fans ramped up significantly and stayed there.  And it is IMMEDIATE, meaning there is no time for the temps to build up.  I have the latest bios installed and the problem goes away after reinstalling the original proc.  I reviewed the points in http://communities.intel.com/message/30089, but still no solution.  Reseated the proc fan, all the normal troubleshooting.  Is there a bios issue here?  I would like to use the E6300 with this board.


      Interesting too from the linked post - "i immediately rebooted and went to bios to check the temperature,to see that the processor thermal margin in bios was 24 degrees,so i'm thinking maybe that's what causing the fan ramp up,so i'm now asking is my CPU maybe bad or there is some incompatibility with my board ( intel compatiblity tool say they are compatible),bios version on the board is already latest 0517"


      My bios also says 24 degrees processor thermal margin - strange coincidence?