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      Please help with some advice, I need some motherboard/processor advice, I have finally reached the point where my system is no longer with the program... Can you recommend a motherboard, processor, prefer Intel if you can...Intel has the support for drivers and updates etc...  When I play DVDs, or watch streaming video from Hulu, the picture "jitters", that is to say the motion is not smooth: the picture freezes, like an old time moving picture show. If I make the video display very small, no problem (no freezing), but as I increase the video frame size to full screen, the problem gets worse and worse until at full screen, I am watching still pictures, one after the other, and I no longer have a moving video. You have probably seen this kind of problem before. (24"flat screen)  I have tried installing a 512 video card and that did not improve the situation...I take it that these cards are made for video games, and not movies or graphics...  Is there any such thing as a video card that takes the load off the CPU? All I have is AGP X4 slot...I need some great on board video or a decent video card...  My 1 GB RAM memory never maxes out..(it runs about 10-25%). My processor reaches 100% and that's when the video freeze occurs. As long as the processor is below 100% (small video frame screen) there is no freezing of the video. I have reached a conclusion that my processor 512 L2 cache is like, stone age technology. Tell me if I'm wrong but it seems like I need at least a 3 MB cache to watch full screen video? No it's not the internet speed. It's like the processor overloads more as the picture frame is made larger... No, it's not really the processor speed either, but rather the amount of memory inside the processor that is being overloaded. In other words there is inadequate buffer memory for video..(that's my best guess)  Applications: Graphics (Visio or Cad), internet, office apps, photo shop, Canon digital camera, DVD or movie editing possibly. Processes running: 50-54, Windows XP Pro  Hardware requirements: ATX formfactor, 2X IDEE connectors (1 DVD drive- 1 CD drive- 1 hard drive), 1X floppy, 2X memory slots or more, 512-800 Mhz front side buss, 4X USB, VGA and DVI video output, 2 channel audio, PCI X2 or X16 video expansion slot might be groovy, 2-3 Ghz processor, 3-6 MB Cache memory, Ethernet input.  I don't need the world's fastest but, I do use graphics, but I don't run video games, in other-words I don't want to spend a fortune, but I do want hardware that will do the job for a home office /  blueprint drawing / movie theater, without the video freeze that I am experiencing.  Any suggestion would be welcomed, and I sure appreciate your kind advice, Thank you!