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    Downgrade ICHR10 -> ICHR9 Raid 0 Config after Mobo Swap



        I have recently had to send back a P45 motherboard which developed a fault to the manufacturer, they couldnt fix it and no longer had any of these boards in stock as they no longer produce them, but to their credit offered me an X48 board as replacement, which for the majority of things seems to be a better board, however....


      The RAID controller on the P45 was an ICH10R and the X48 unfortunately is an ICH9R.


      I am hoping that i can migrate my Raid 0 array to the new board without loosing my array, i do have a data backup of most of my stuff (Thank you Windows Home Server for keeping all my important data safe - *** saved again), but it would take a while to rebuild.


      I found an article on TomsHardware which showed that the intel Raid controllers are pretty good when it comes to migration, and a migration from an ICH8R to a ICH9R controller was pretty much plug and play, but the article was too old to take into account the ICH10R and never went into downgrades.


      Does anybody know if its possible?