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      Hi all I have a d845pebt2 board I have been trying to install a Seagate 1tb SATA HD,I have found I needed to upgrade the BIOS from the P08 to P10 which I did,and install some new SIS sata drivers again which I did..rebooted a couple of time fine,,checked the bios it is upgraded to P10 but still do'nt see the SATA drive in the bios,,before you could see it in Windows on the regular IDE drive,,but now I am getting a an bios error it hangs at the splash screen and has a countious beep at start up..not sure what to do next..I have tried to search for this but can't find any info on it any help would be great....    

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          I'm having a similar problem.  Installing Win Vista Ult Full, I get it (Seagate 1.5 TB) partitioned, reboot, set BIOS to enable SATA booting, restart, and the board just hangs at the SATA drive splash screen... Have you had any luck figuring this out?  It would be nice if someone would respond and help us out.

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            No as you can you are the only other one that has replied with something similiar,I did find some info on seagates site about a firmwear update to some of there HD's, I checked mine and it had the latest,,I also checked the bios and flashed it to see if that would help but it did'nt,,I just cant get it to boot off the SATA,,I can use it If I use an IDE drive as the master,but whats the point ,,,so i have switched to an ASUS mb using an AMD chip and it worked the first time no issues,,,,and btw i have asked many ? from the AMD guys and I got more response's from them than i ever did here...take that any way you want...

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              Thanks for your feedback on the issue.  I created a tread called "How tell if BIOS sees SATA drive on D845PEBT2 mobo?". If it helps any, you could check it out.  I have been getting some excellent help from an Intel guy named Rajiv Doolub.  We're working through possible solutions.  Hopefully we'll figure it out.  Hope this helps.


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