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    Pentium 4 530 Capable of 64 bit?

      I tried searching for this answer but I am not that tech savy... If it is not capable of 64 bit and I wanted to upgrade the processor, how do I find out what is compatible with my motherboard?


      I downloaded CPU-Z and says that

      Name: Pentium 4 530

      Code Name: Prescott

      Package: Socket 775 LGA

      Technology: 90nm

      Core Voltage: 1.353 V

      Specification: Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz

      Family: F

      Ext. Family: F

      Model: 4

      Ext Model: 4

      Stepping: 1

      Revision: E0

      Core Speed: 3000MHz

      Multiplier: x15

      Bus Speed: 200MHz

      Rated FSB: 800MHz

      L1 Data: 16kb 8way

      Trace: 12Kuops 8way

      Level 2: 8way