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    D845GEBV2 P4 processor change (?)


      Please help if you know:

      When changing from a 2 Ghz processor on the D845GEDV2 motherboard, to a 2.8 or 3 Ghz...

      How do you find the part numbers of the replacement processors? My current 2 Ghz processor is P4- SL68R. I tried installing SL7PK- 2.8 Ghz, but the system won't boot. I assume this is the wrong P4 for that motherboard...

      How do you find out which P4 WLL work, by part number? I see there are a bunch of P4's but I don't understand which one to get to upgrade.

      Is there a processor (P4) initiation process, to dump the CUPID, and core stepping of the old processor, and start the new processor? I have not found anything on the Intel web site, despite long searches.

      Please help if you know anything about doing this. Please forgive my stupidity, appreciate that very much. N.T.