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    is dp45sg compatible with ddr2 graphics card LIKE HD 4650 OR 9500GT

      i am planning to buy a new pc

      which should provide future

      support for atlest 4 years

      while being able to play latest current games like gta4


      i want to keep the cost of machine with ups around

      25000 rs or 500 $ provided i already have speaker,

      monitor, mouse, keyboard, headphones router


      it leaves me with






      graphics card


      dvd writer




      thus i thought dp45sg motherboard would be a good option

      i want to install 2 gb ddr3 ram and would

      eventually raise it to 4gb,

      and 512mg/1 gb graphics card

      with intel core 2 duo 2.8 processor

      and 500gb hdd

      now i am pretty confused regarding motherboard
      between dp35dp , dp45sg, dg45id
      please tell me will it be good to go for dp45sg
      because i think ddr3 is the future,
      but it increases my cost and i can afford only low- mid range cards
      tell me if it is compatible with ddr2 graphics card like
      Palit9400GT Super1GB DDR2 - Super W/HDMI




      9400GT1 GB DDR2




      if not tell me about other 2 motherboards and will it be ok to

      go with ddr2 ram now,

      similarly please tell me about their graphics card support???????????????????


      sorry for the long question


      waiting for a reply

      thanks in advance

        • 1. Re: is dp45sg compatible with ddr2 graphics card LIKE HD 4650 OR 9500GT

          Any of those boards should work with that video card.The kind of memory your motherboard has and the kind of memory your graphics card has do not have to be the same. You can use a DDR2 motherboard with a DDR3 video card and vice/versa.


          If you are going to be gaming and you must choose between DDR3 system RAM or a higher-end video card, I would go with the better video card.

          • 2. Is GTS 250 DDR3 1GB Graphics card compatibale with intel DP45SG Motherboard


            i hav bought a computer with intel dp45sg motherboard, core 2 quad q9550 processor,4gb ddr3 ram,1gb garphics card(gts 250)......

            i hav used it for past 6 months...there is no pblm on that time...

            now i hav a pblm with the display... when i use the system for 2 or 3 hrs and if i restart it the display will not come... but the CPU is working...

            my monitor is samsung 2230 22"......

            so tell me what is the pblm....& how can i recover from this....




            EXPECTING UR KIND REPLY SOON...........

            WITH BEST REGARDS..........