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    KMODE Exception Not Handled - Vizio TV


      Hi Everyone,

      So, I took delivery of my Intel Stick Yesterday and hooked it up to my Vizio E3D470VX TV. No matter which HDMI port I used, I would receive the Windows 8.1 BSOD with the error message "MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED"  The compute stick would reboot and still have the same issue.


      If I plug it into any other of my TV's or my monitor via HDMI ports, I have no issues.  Has anyone run into this issue or know why only my Vizio TV would result in this error?


      Since I bought this specifically for the Vizio TV, if I can't get this issue solved, I'll have to Return it and look for another solution.


      Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

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          Hello MacNAttackin,


          I am very sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting the Intel Compute Stick to work with your Vizio* TV.

          I am just guessing because I don’t have a Vizio TV or monitor to test but it could be a graphics driver compatibility issue with the TV. One possible option to dig a bit more into this would be trying to boot the system in “safe mode”.

          Also, by any chance do you have the numeric value of the BOSD error message? It should be something like: 0x0000001E.



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            hey rguevara,

            So there is no error# when it BSOD's, the error appears to be "isstrtc.sys"

            Is that meaningful?

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              Hi MacNAttackin,


              I'd like for you to try a couple of things.


              1. First update the BIOS to the new version 0022 that just got posted to Download Center today: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24943/


              2. Reinstall the graphics driver package

              - Boot up the Compute Stick while connected to a different TV/monitor.
              - Download and save the latest driver from https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24816/
              - In Device Manager, go to Display Adapters and right click on Intel HD Graphics.
              - Go to the Driver tab and click Uninstall.
              - Check the box to "Delete the driver software for this device" and click OK.
              - Restart the system.
              - Now install the graphics driver you downloaded.
              - Restart one more time.


              Now you can try out the Compute Stick on the Vizio TV again. Let me know the results.




              Intel Customer Support

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                I have a Vizio E601i-A3 and was able to get this to work after I stopped using the USB port on the TV. The USB port on the TV did not provide enough power, switching to the wall plug made it work just fine.

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                  Hi Lois,

                  Unfortunately, this did not work.  After updating the bios and updating the graphics drivers, I still have the same issue.

                  Seems to me that the error that is displaying is for the audio driver. Is there by chance an updated audio driver that I can get?

                  Let me know your thoughts.



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                    Hi John,


                    There currently is not a new audio driver. Did you see Zeke's note about his Vizio? Are you using a USB port on the TV to try powering the Stick?



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                      Hi MacNAttackin,


                      Any luck getting this to work? Did you try to wall power it?


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                        HI Lois,

                        I was plugged into the wall, not the TV's USB port.  So, since I couldn't get this to work, I have shipped it back to Amazon for a refund.

                        I've replaced this with an HP Pavilion Mini 300-020 that does the job.

                        Thanks for your efforts.


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                          I was never plugged into the tv usb port, so unfortunately Zeke's note was of no help to me.  Since I couldn't get this working, I sent it back for refund.

                          Thanks for your help.


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                            Hi MacNAttackin,


                            I am sorry to hear that you sent the Intel Compute Stick back for refund and hope that you give it a chance again in the future, perhaps on a different environment.



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                              I experienced the same issue with a recently purchased Compute Stick.  It was for a project for a Doctor's Office; for their TV in the reception area to play PowerPoint presentations.  During the process of setting up the stick, I didn't have this issue with a Dell monitor, and a newer Samsung TV.  As soon as I plugged it into their Vizio E422VL TV and powered it up, BSOD complaining about isstrtc.sys.  What I had to do as a work-around was launch into Windows in Safe Mode, disable the Intel HDMI audio device in Device Manager, and reboot.  Now, it loads to Windows without issue, but of course no sound.  I can live with that for now as the presentation they have playing doesn't have audio, but this could become an issue depending on what they would like to do with the TV in the future.  I am running all the newest drivers listed on Intel's site for the Compute Stick, and I'm pretty sure this one shipped with the newest BIOS version.  And, of course, I have all the Windows updates installed.  I also checked to see if there was a firmware update for the TV, but I didn't find anything.


                              As a side note, the WiFi is atrocious on this thing.  Doesn't seem to matter too much whether Bluetooth is enabled and being used or not.  I can't get any consistent speeds anywhere I've tried it.  I've been connected to an older D-Link router, to a corporate CISCO AP, and a brand new Ubiquiti UniFi AC AP, and the experience is the same across them all; terrible.  I plugged in a USB to Ethernet adapter just to make sure there wasn't some other underlying issue, but I was getting full bandwidth wired.  Again, I hope these are just the pains of being an early adopter and that Intel will release some BIOS/driver updates to address these issues.