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    Trouble with SSD Intel 530 120GB


      Trouble with SSD Intel 530 120GB - BSOD into the end instalation Windows 7 (64/Home Premium). I use few CPU/motherboard (i5 3330+H77/ i5 4560+Z97), but the result is the same. If I use SSD(data) + HHD(windows) - system work, programms and games run perfect (they are in SSD).

      P.S. sorry, my english is bad.

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          Hello Irlander,


          As I understand, when you try to install Windows to the SSD, it fails at the end of the installation.


          Here are some initial recommendations that may help in this situation:


          - Connect the SSD to the first/main SATA port of the motherboard.

          - Make sure you are using updated BIOS in the motherboards.

          - Update the SSD firmware.

          - Try using a different SATA cable.

          - Do a Secure Erase of the drive before installing the new OS.

          - If possible, install the OS using a different source media (obtain a different Windows disk, or try installing an alternate OS and check if the issue persists).


          For additional assistance, let us know the following:


          - Model and BIOS version of the motherboard.

          - Are you using a single SSD? or do you have multiple drives?

          - Is this a new drive?

          - Let us know any additional information about the process you followed and the actions you have tried to solve it.