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    WebCam to SD jpeg Image not stream



      So I have a project I am working on with a group of kids. The kids are building a Mars rover of their own the challenge to them is it has to seem as real as possible. Their first challenge will be to launch their science Sensors and Camera's in a weather balloon. The Science package must provide a live data feed via long range Wireless so the Edison WiFi is out but that is fine we have systems for that. The problem I am running into is I was originally planning in just using a serial Camera board from radio shack but with the Edison we could use a Webcam with much higher resolution and optics. Every example I have found is about streaming the webcam via the wifi. WE have code that will transmit image files from the SD written and I have code that can detect if we can read a file. What I am thinking is if we have a Linux app that takes the Webcam feed and saves a webcam image to the SD every 30 seconds or so obviously adjustable because of our wireless link is a bit slow. then we can alternate our sensor data, GPS data and image data streams through our wireless link does anyone know of a simple app preferably command line that can perform this function on the Edison? if not can someone point me in the right direction. I can program an Edison just fine but I am not a c programmer. I am C# and enterprise business application by trade so this low level c is a bit cumbersome when I am use to high level function and libraries to perform these types of operations.