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    SROMBSASMR BIOS RAID error on cold boot


      SROMBSASMR BIOS RAID error on cold boot (i.e., after power has been removed for 30+sec):


      Number of devices exceeded the maximum limit of devices per quad

      Please remove the extra drives and reboot system to avoid losing data

      System has halted due to unsupported configuration


      With the system thusly halted, I can then hit the Reset and the system will boot correctly, with the SROMBSASMR bios correctly recognizing the physical drives and logical units.


      But every cold start causes the RAID bios error to recur.


      I have wiped the configuration and re-created, but the same error recurs.





      SC5650DPNA chassis

      AXX6DRV3GEXP 6-bay HS cage

      S5520HC mainboard

      SROMBSASMR add-on RAID controller (FW ver: 1.40.62-0665)

      (6) Seagate ST31000340NS 1TB drives (set for 3GB/s SATA)


      Logical unit config:

      2x drives in a RAID1

      4x drives in a RAID 10 (comprised of two spans of two drives each)