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    Intexl X25M 80G: disable indexing?


      Hi all,

      I read somewhere that with SSD, it is better to disable Indexing service. Is that true? If so, besides disabling it, should I also disable Windows Search Indexing of Windows Search?

      Thank you for your help!


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          This is what I read regarding Search Indexing with SSD (unfortunately I don't have a link to the article):


          "Disabling search indexing: the intention behind this is to eliminate unnecessary writing to the disk, and it is also less useful for an SSD, because the SSD is so fast (and small) that searching it even without an index is fast. I can't personally comment on whether or not these are legitimate concerns, because I have never used search indexing in any system.


          Another reason to disable search indexing (and this also applies to system restore) is that their usage burns up a little bit of disk space, and causes some background CPU load. If their products are stored on the SSD, that's a waste of valuable space, and if they're stored on a magnetic disk, it may cause a lot of unexpected seeks. Also, I don't know if its possible to customize where these files are stored at all."

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            ambizytl: Thank you very much for your detailed explanation! I have constant needs to do full-text searches on my HDD, so I guess I will still have HDD indexing and google desktop search enabled.