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    IPv6 multicast flood during sleep from i217-LM


      We have a number of HP devices with the i217-LM network adapter. When they go to sleep they appear to flood the network with ICMPv6 "Multicast Listener Report".


      There was another thread closed with this same problem:

      IPv6 multicast flood during sleep from i217-LM


      Recommendation was to update to version 19 or higher driver and a link provided to the Windows 8 download. We have a mixture of Windows 7 32 and 64 bit clients. We have downloaded the version 20 drivers for Windows 7 and installed to the machines but issue still appears to be occurring. Short term fix appears to be to stop the machine from going to sleep and disabling all power saving and WoL features. Not ideal.




      Does anyone else have this issue and is there an update from Intel that will fix this problem? We're currently experiencing intermittent network disconnections multiple times a day for all clients on a particular segment and these ICMPv6 packets are highly suspect. The users operate in an environment where their machines could be left for long periods idling and thus going to sleep.