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    blurry text when output to hdtv via hdmi




      I've recently purchursed a Lenovo u350 with the Mobile Intel 4 Chipset Express Family. The notebook features a hdmi port.


      When connected to my samsung hdtv which is a series 6 via the hdmi port the quality is really poor. eg blurry text. And yes


      i have done everything i could like setting the resolution to 1920 X 1080. I thoguth it might have been the driver so i


      went ahead and upgraded the driver (TO VER. which didn't see any improvements. I'v also played around with


      all possible settings on the tv and the grapic properties but nothing was able to improve the quality. I've also tried the


      VGA cable and to my surprise it looks way better compared to the hdmi cable.


      Note: when i used the Intel TV Wizard, the best possible resolution i could choose was 1080i60. My TV is capable of


      displaying at 1080p. Could this be the issue that the grapic card was not able to detect the best possible resolution or it ultize fully ultize my tv's full capabilites.


      HOpe someone could help me out here.



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          Hallo, thanks god I'm not alone


          i'm having the SAME problem, but i have Dell xps16 and samsung which supports full HD, but whent connected via HDMI it just looks GENERICS (same as you described), i'm tired reading everything what is posted on the internet but no one can answer i found this http://analogbit.com/node/23 but i dont understand a s*** what is written here, couse it sound too difficult to be the problem. I think it might be the drivers, i dont belive that new graphic card might be incapable to view full hd. mine is RADEON® HD 3670 512Mb.

          Maybe someone help us.