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      Dear Sir/ mam


      I recived an email from Intel to sending the foulty Mother board to the same address , however i'v a question, that yeasterday I'v talked to Mr. Vanket who suggest me to send the only mother board to the address, while I read the Mail there is some more iteam  has mentioned  "Cpu and fan",


      so the qution is that , I used to send the MotherBoard only    or     I used to send Motherboard with Cpu and Fan to the same address



      Gagan Aggrwal

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          Javed Lodhi

          Hi Gagan,

          Only send the faulty part (be it M/board, CPU or System Fan) to Intel that you have received a replacement for, from Intel. There is no need to send any additional parts back if Intel has not sent you one or unless they specifically request you to.

          For any further information, please contact your local reseller or CAM (Channel Account Manager) in case you are a reseller yourself.

          Thank you, have a nice day!


          Warm Regards,

          Javed Lodhi

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            We see a lot of faulty motherboards that seem to cause major hard drive issues. Especially the Logic boards on hard drives. Can we advise our clients to send the faulty motherboards to you?


            Kind regards


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